One Thing at a Time Album

“One Thing at a Time” is a studio album by Morgan Wallen, a country music artist. It was released on March 3, 2023. The album falls under the country genre and has a total length of 111 minutes and 36 seconds. It is produced under the labels Big Loud, Republic, and Mercury. The album consists of 36 tracks in total.

No.Song TitleWritersTime
1.“Born with a Beer in My Hand”Morgan WallenZach AbendMichael Hardy3:07
2.“Last Night”John Byron Ashley GorleyJacob Kasher HindlinRyan Vojtesak2:43
3.“Everything I Love”WallenGorleyErnest Keith SmithVojtesakGregg AllmanRobert Kim Payne3:05
4.“Man Made a Bar” (featuring Eric Church)Rocky BlockJordan DozziLarry FleetBrett Tyler3:09
5.“Devil Don’t Know”Travis DenningJared MullinsBen Stennis3:24
6.One Thing at a TimeGorleySmithVojtesakWallen3:26
7.98 BravesByronJosh MillerTravis Wood2:58
8.Ain’t That SomeChris LaCorteChase McGillMillerBlake Pendergrass2:37
9.I Wrote the BookWallenHardyCameron Montgomery3:00
10.Tennessee NumbersJordan MintonPendergrassWood3:45
11.Hope That’s TrueWallenSmithVojtesak3:05
12.Whiskey FriendsByron-Pendergrass3:24
14.Keith WhitleyThomas ArcherBrad ClawsonMullins3:07
15.In the Bible (featuring Hardy)ByronJeff GarrisonJon HallBen JohnsonGeoffrey Warburton3:14
16.You ProofWallenGorleySmithVojtesak2:36
17.Thought You Should KnowWallenNicolle Galyon Miranda Lambert3:34
18.F150-50MullinsJohn PierceStennis3:10
19.Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)WallenSmithThompsonVojtesak2:51
20.I Deserve a DrinkByronDevin DawsonJacob DurrettHillary Lindsey3:24
21.Wine into WaterByronMatt Jenkins Pendergrass3:43
22.Me + All Your ReasonsWallenGorleySmithVojtesak2:53
23.Tennessee FanWallenGorleyHardyMark Holman3:18
24.Money on MeMichael LottenPendergrassMatt Roy2:55
25.Thinkin’ Bout MeByronGorleyTaylor PhillipsVojtesak2:56
26.Single Than She WasByronJohnsonVojtesak2:40
27.Days That End in WhyByronPendergrassDriver Williams2:41
28.Last Drive Down MainJerry FlowersRyan HurdLotten3:13
29.Me to MeWallenGorleySmithVojtesak2:18
30.Don’t Think JesusJessi AlexanderHolmanMcGill3:44
31.180 (Lifestyle)BlockGorleyHolmanPendergrassSmithVojtesakBryan WilliamsJeffrey WilliamsDequantes LamarLondon HolmesArsenio Archer3:07
32.Had ItBlockAlexander IzquierdoVojtesak3:18
33.Cowgirls (featuring Ernest)BlockGorleyJames MaddocksSmithVojtesak3:01
34.Good Girl Gone MissinWallenGorleyMaddocksSmithVojtesak2:54
35.OutlookWallenRodney ClawsonJeff Hyde3:13
36.Dying ManJohnsonPendergrassThompson3:02
Total Time:111:36

One Thing at a Time is the highly anticipated third studio album by American country music singer Morgan Wallen. Released on March 3, 2023, the album showcases Wallen’s growth as an artist and features a diverse collection of 36 tracks. In this in-depth analysis, we will delve into the recording and production process, the release and promotion strategies, the themes and lyrics explored in the album, and its commercial performance.

Recording and Production:

Morgan Wallen collaborated with a team of talented producers including Joey Moi, Cameron Montgomery, Charlie Handsome, and Jacob Durrett to bring One Thing at a Time to life. The album was recorded over a span of several months, and Wallen’s dedication to honing his craft is evident in the polished sound and production quality of each track. Wallen’s attention to detail and commitment to authenticity shines through as he showcases his growth as an artist.
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Release and Promotion:

The release of One Thing at a Time was accompanied by a strategic promotional campaign. Prior to the album’s release, Wallen dropped several singles including “You Proof,” “Thought You Should Know,” “Last Night,” the title track “One Thing at a Time,” and the promotional single “Don’t Think Jesus.” These releases generated significant buzz and anticipation for the album. Additionally, Wallen collaborated with notable artists such as Eric Church, Hardy, and Ernest, further increasing the album’s appeal to a wide audience.
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Themes and Lyrics:

One Thing at a Time explores a variety of themes that resonate with listeners. Wallen’s songwriting prowess shines through as he delves into topics such as love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and personal growth. The lyrics are relatable and heartfelt, drawing the audience in and creating an emotional connection. Wallen’s ability to capture the essence of everyday experiences and translate them into powerful lyrics is a testament to his growth as a songwriter.
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Commercial Performance:

One Thing at a Time debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, marking a significant achievement for Morgan Wallen. The album garnered 501,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, making it the biggest week for a country album by units since 2021. This commercial success not only solidifies Wallen’s position as a prominent figure in the country music industry but also reflects the strong connection he has established with his fanbase.
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Q1: When was “One Thing at a Time” album released?
A1: “One Thing at a Time” album was released on March 3, 2023.

Q2: How many tracks are featured on the album?
A2: The album features 36 tracks, showcasing the breadth and depth of Morgan Wallen’s musical artistry.

Q3: Who are the featured artists on the album?
A3: The album includes collaborations with notable artists such as Eric Church, Hardy, and Ernest, adding a dynamic element to the overall listening experience.

Q4: What is the commercial performance of the album?
A4: “One Thing at a Time” debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, achieving 501,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. This remarkable feat signifies the album’s strong commercial success.

Q5: What are the prominent themes explored in the album?
A5: The album covers a wide range of themes including love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and personal growth. Morgan Wallen’s introspective and relatable lyrics resonate with listeners on a deep emotional level.


Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time” album is a testament to his growth as an artist. The album’s diverse collection of 36 tracks showcases Wallen’s versatility and ability to captivate listeners with his powerful lyrics and authentic sound. From the recording and production process to the release and promotion strategies, Wallen’s meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout. The album’s commercial success and positive reception from fans and critics alike further solidify Wallen’s position as a prominent figure in the country music industry. “One Thing at a Time” is a must-listen for both long-time fans and newcomers, offering a glimpse into the artistic evolution of Morgan Wallen.

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