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“Multitude” is a studio album by Stromae, released on March 4, 2022. It falls under the genre of electronic music and has a duration of 35 minutes and 42 seconds. The album is primarily in French language and is released under the labels Mosaert and Polydor. The style of the album is described as folk, and it consists of a total of 12 tracks.

Multitude is the highly anticipated third studio album by Belgian musician Stromae. This in-depth analysis will delve into the recording and production process, the album’s release and promotion, the underlying themes and lyrics, as well as its commercial performance.

Multitude Album Tracklist

Serial No.TranslationTime
3.(combination of solitude and weariness)3:02
4.“Son of Joy”3:15
6.“It’s just happiness”2:42
7.“Not Really”2:42
9.“My Love”2:52
11.“Bad Day”3:07
12.“Good Day”3:12
Total Time: 35:42

Recording and Production:

The recording and production of Multitude involved meticulous attention to detail to bring Stromae’s vision to life. The album features a fusion of electronic music with elements from different genres, showcasing Stromae’s versatility as an artist. LSI Keywords: music production, electronic fusion, genre versatility, creative process, studio recording.

Multitude (album) cover Photo
Multitude (album) cover Photo

Release and Promotion:

Multitude’s release was highly anticipated by fans worldwide, with the album’s first single, “Santé,” released on October 15, 2021. The single garnered significant attention, generating excitement for the album’s eventual release. Stromae’s team employed various promotional strategies, including music videos, interviews, and social media campaigns, to create buzz and engage with his fanbase. LSI Keywords: album release, promotional strategies, “Santé” single, music videos, social media.

Themes and Lyrics:

Multitude explores a wide range of themes, delving into personal experiences and societal issues. Stromae’s lyrics are introspective, thought-provoking, and emotionally charged, reflecting his unique perspective on the world. The album showcases his ability to combine profound messages with infectious melodies, creating a captivating listening experience. LSI Keywords: thematic exploration, introspective lyrics, societal issues, emotional depth, infectious melodies.

Commercial Performance:

Following its release, Multitude garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success. The album’s unique blend of musical styles and Stromae’s innovative approach resonated with audiences, leading to widespread praise and recognition. Multitude achieved significant chart success in various countries, solidifying Stromae’s position as a globally recognized artist. LSI Keywords: critical acclaim, commercial success, chart performance, global recognition, musical impact.


Q: When was Multitude released?
A: Multitude was released on March 4, 2022.

Q: What is the genre of Multitude?
A: Multitude is predominantly an electronic album.

Q: What is the length of the Multitude?
A: Multitude has a total length of 35 minutes and 42 seconds.

Q: In which language are the songs on Multitude?
A: The songs on Multitude are predominantly in French.


The Multitude is a remarkable album that signifies Stromae’s artistic evolution and his ability to transcend musical boundaries. Through its fusion of electronic music and diverse cultural influences, the album captivates listeners with its unique sound. Stromae’s introspective lyrics and thematic exploration add depth to the album, tackling personal experiences and societal issues.

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