“Lindeville” is the studio album by country artist Ashley McBryde. It was released on September 30, 2022, under the Warner Music Nashville label. The album has a total of 16 tracks and has a runtime of 33 minutes and 42 seconds.

1.“Brenda Put Your Bra On” (featuring Caylee Hammack and Pillbox Patti) 2:39
2.“Jesus Jenny” (featuring Aaron Raitiere)Jon Decious, Aaron Raitiere2:32
3.“Dandelion Diner” 0:27
4.“The Girl in the Picture” (featuring Pillbox Patti) 3:20
5.“If These Dogs Could Talk” (featuring Brandy Clark) 4:11
6.“Play Ball” (featuring Brothers Osborne) 3:27
7.“Ronnie’s Pawn Shop” 0:31
8.“The Missed Connection Section of the Lindeville Gazette” (featuring Brandy Clark and Aaron Raitiere) 4:05
9.“Gospel Night at the Strip Club” (featuring Benjy Davis) 2:56
10.“Forkem Family Funeral Home” 0:31
11.When Will I Be Loved” (featuring Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack and Pillbox Patti)Phil Everly2:06
12.“Bonfire at Tina’s” (featuring Caylee Hammack, Brandy Clark and Pillbox Patti) 3:40
13.“Lindeville” 3:17
Total length:33:42

Lindeville, also known as Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville, is the fifth studio album by American country music singer-songwriter Ashley McBryde. Released on September 30, 2022, through Warner Music Nashville, this album showcases McBryde’s storytelling prowess and musical talent. Lindeville is a concept album that revolves around a fictional town named after renowned songwriter Dennis Linde. McBryde takes listeners on a journey through this town, introducing various characters and exploring their lives and experiences. Produced by John Osborne, McBryde’s close personal friend and member of the duo Brothers Osborne, the album features a host of collaborators who contribute to its unique sound and narrative. Lindeville received critical acclaim, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album and securing a place on music critic Robert Christgau’s Dean’s List for 2022.

Recording and Production:

The recording and production of Lindeville were carried out concurrently with McBryde’s fourth major label album. McBryde, along with producer John Osborne, meticulously crafted a cohesive and immersive concept that would bring the fictional town of Lindeville to life. The album was recorded in various studios, allowing McBryde and her collaborators to experiment with different sounds and arrangements. The production process involved a blend of traditional country elements and contemporary influences, resulting in a distinct sonic landscape for each track.

The album’s production team comprised a close circle of McBryde and Osborne’s collaborators, including skilled musicians, songwriters, and engineers. Their collective efforts brought depth and richness to the album, ensuring that each song resonates with the listeners on both an emotional and musical level. McBryde’s vision for Lindeville was to create an immersive experience, and the production team played a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Release and Promotion:

Lindeville was officially released on September 30, 2022, to eager fans and critics alike. Warner Music Nashville, McBryde’s label, orchestrated an extensive promotional campaign to generate excitement and awareness for the album. McBryde embarked on a series of media appearances, including interviews, performances, and acoustic sessions, to showcase her music and share insights into the inspiration behind Lindeville.

The album’s lead single, “First Thing I Reach For,” was released prior to the album’s launch, serving as a teaser for what was to come. McBryde’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics resonated with fans, creating anticipation for the full album. As the release date approached, McBryde performed at several high-profile events and festivals, captivating audiences with her energetic and emotive performances. These live showcases not only promoted Lindeville but also reinforced McBryde’s reputation as a captivating live performer.

Themes and Lyrics:

Lindeville explores various themes and narratives that reflect the human experience. The album introduces listeners to a cast of characters residing in the fictional town, each representing a different aspect of life and relationships. McBryde’s lyrics delve into their stories, capturing the essence of small-town living, love, heartbreak, and resilience.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Fragile Like Glass,” a heartfelt ballad that portrays vulnerability and the fragile nature of human connections. McBryde’s poignant lyrics and soulful delivery evoke a profound emotional response from the audience. Similarly, “Whiskey and a Gun” showcases McBryde’s storytelling abilities, weaving a tale of desperation and survival against the backdrop of Lindeville.

Lindeville also features more upbeat tracks such as “Dirty Gold” and “Broke Hearts and Dirty Windows,” which offer a contrast to the album’s introspective moments. These songs explore themes of freedom, self-discovery, and embracing imperfections. McBryde’s ability to combine thoughtful storytelling with catchy melodies and infectious energy ensures a well-rounded listening experience.

Commercial Performance:

Following its release, Lindeville received widespread critical acclaim for its exceptional songwriting, McBryde’s powerful vocals, and the album’s immersive concept. The album resonated with both fans and critics, propelling it to commercial success. Lindeville debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart, solidifying McBryde’s position as one of the genre’s most promising and talented artists.

The album’s success was further highlighted by its Grammy nomination for Best Country Album at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. This recognition not only solidified McBryde’s artistry but also introduced her to a broader audience and cemented her place within the country music community.


Q: Who produced Ashley McBryde’s album Lindeville?
A: Lindeville was produced by John Osborne, who is also a member of the duo Brothers Osborne and a close personal friend of Ashley McBryde.

Q: What is the concept behind Lindeville?
A: Lindeville is a concept album that revolves around a fictional town named after renowned songwriter Dennis Linde. The album introduces various characters residing in this town and explores their lives and experiences through McBryde’s storytelling.

Q: When was Lindeville released?
A: Lindeville was released on September 30, 2022.

Q: What are some notable tracks on Lindeville?
A: Some notable tracks on Lindeville include “Fragile Like Glass,” “Whiskey and a Gun,” “Dirty Gold,” and “Broke Hearts and Dirty Windows.”

Q: Did Lindeville receive any awards or nominations?
A: Yes, Lindeville was nominated for Best Country Album at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.


Lindeville stands as a remarkable addition to Ashley McBryde’s discography, showcasing her growth as a songwriter and performer. This concept album takes listeners on a captivating journey through the fictional town of Lindeville, immersing them in its stories and characters. McBryde’s partnership with producer John Osborne and their circle of collaborators resulted in a well-crafted album that blends traditional country elements with contemporary influences.

The release of Lindeville garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart and earning a Grammy nomination. McBryde’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics resonated with fans, establishing her as a compelling storyteller in the country music scene. With Lindeville, McBryde solidifies her position as a rising star and an artist who continues to push the boundaries of the genre.

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