Hold the Girl

“Hold the Girl” is the second studio album by Rina Sawayama. It was released on September 16, 2022. The album was recorded from Autumn 2020 to Autumn 2021. It falls under the genres of pop, dance-pop, and alternative pop. The album has a total length of 46 minutes and consists of 13 tracks. It was released under the label Dirty Hit.

1.“Minor Feelings”Rina SawayamaLauren AquilinaVictor JamiesonClarence ClarityBarney Lister2:00
2.Hold the GirlSawayamaJonny LattimerBarney ListerSawayamaLister4:05
3.This HellSawayamaAquilinaJamiesonPaul EpworthClarityEpworth3:56
4.Catch Me in the AirSawayamaGrace BarkerOscar SchellerStuart PriceAdam CrispSawayamaClarityPrice3:35
5.“Forgiveness”SawayamaLattimerRichard CooperCrispSawayamaClarityPrice4:20
6.“Holy (Till You Let Me Go)”SawayamaNate CampanyChristopher LyonPriceSawayamaPriceDavid Balfe3:19
7.“Your Age”SawayamaAquilinaMarcus AnderssonSawayamaClarityAnderssonAquilina2:54
11.“Send My Love to John”SawayamaAquilinaAnderssonAnderssonAquilinaJonathan Gilmore[a]3:25
13.“To Be Alive”SawayamaAquilinaAnderssonSawayamaPriceAnderssonAquilina3:54
Total length:46:00

Hold the Girl is the second studio album by Rina Sawayama, a Japanese-British singer. Released on September 16, 2022, by Dirty Hit, the album showcases Rina’s growth and artistic evolution since her debut album, Sawayama, released in 2020. Hold the Girl features a diverse range of collaborators and explores various genres, including pop, dance-pop, and alternative pop. This in-depth analysis will delve into the album’s recording and production process, its release and promotion, the themes and lyrics explored in the songs, and its commercial performance.

Recording and Production:
Hold the Girl was recorded between autumn 2020 and autumn 2021, capturing a year-long creative journey for Rina Sawayama. The album showcases a blend of musical styles and influences, with production contributions from notable collaborators such as Paul Epworth, Clarence Clarity, Stuart Price, and Marcus Andersson. These collaborators bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the project, enhancing the sonic landscape of the album.

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Release and Promotion:
The lead single from Hold the Girl, titled “This Hell,” was released on May 18, 2022. The single served as an introduction to the album’s overall sound and garnered significant attention and praise. Following the release of the lead single, Rina embarked on a comprehensive promotional campaign, including interviews, performances, and social media engagement. The album’s release was highly anticipated by fans and music enthusiasts, generating buzz and excitement around Rina’s artistic vision.

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Themes and Lyrics:
Hold the Girl explores a wide range of themes through its lyrics, showcasing Rina’s introspective and thought-provoking songwriting. The album touches upon topics such as identity, relationships, self-discovery, and empowerment. Rina’s lyrics often delve into personal experiences, creating an emotional connection between the artist and the listeners. Each song on the album offers a unique perspective and narrative, contributing to the overall thematic cohesion of Hold the Girl.

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Commercial Performance:
Following its release, Hold the Girl received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The album’s diverse musical palette and introspective lyrics resonated with listeners, resulting in favorable reception. Commercially, the album achieved notable success, charting in various countries and gaining significant streaming numbers. Hold the Girl showcased Rina Sawayama’s growth as an artist and solidified her position in the music industry.

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FAQ from Google with Answer Generate FAQ Schema:

Q1: When was Hold the Girl released?
A1: Hold the Girl was released on September 16, 2022.

Q2: Who produced the album?
A2: The album was produced by Rina Sawayama, Lauren Aquilina, Paul Epworth, Clarence Clarity, Stuart Price, and Marcus Andersson.

Q3: What genre is Hold the Girl?
A3: Hold the Girl is a combination of pop, dance-pop, and alternative pop genres.

Q4: What is the lead single from Hold the Girl?
A4: The lead single from Hold the Girl is “This Hell,” released on May 18, 2022.

Q5: How long is the album?
A5: Hold the Girl has a runtime of 46 minutes.


Hold the Girl represents Rina Sawayama’s artistic growth and evolution since her debut album. The album showcases a diverse range of musical styles, thanks to collaborations with talented producers such as Paul Epworth, Clarence Clarity, Stuart Price, and Marcus Andersson. Hold the Girl explores various themes through its introspective lyrics, creating an emotional connection with listeners. The album received positive reviews and achieved commercial success, further establishing Rina Sawayama’s position in the music industry. Hold the Girl is a testament to Rina’s talent and artistry, solidifying her place as a prominent figure in pop music.

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