Few Good Things Album

“Few Good Things” is a studio album by Saba, a musician. It was released on February 4, 2022. The album falls under various genres including hip-hop, neo soul, jazz rap, and trap. It has a total length of 47 minutes and 39 seconds, featuring 14 tracks. The album is released under the label Saba Pivot, LLC.

1.“Free Samples” (featuring Cheflee)Tahj ChandlerImari “Cheflee” MubarakJerrel “Joseph Chilliams” ChandlerDaoud Anthony2:07
2.“One Way or Every Nigga With a Budget”T. ChandlerAnthonyJ. Chandler2:45
3.“Survivor’s Guilt” (featuring G Herbo)T. ChandlerHerbert Wright IIIJ. ChandlerAnthony3:42
4.“An Interlude Called ‘Circus'” (featuring Eryn Allen Kane)T. ChandlerEryn Allen KaneJ. ChandlerAnthony1:02
5.“Fearmonger” (featuring Daoud)T. ChandlerAnthonyJ. Chandler3:41
6.“Come My Way” (featuring Krayzie Bone)T. ChandlerAnthony Henderson. ChandlerAnthony3:10
7.“Still” (featuring 6lack and Smino)T. ChandlerRicardo Valentine, Jr.Christopher Smith, Jr.J. ChandlerAnthonySir Darryl FarrisCarl Lewis3:45
8.“A Simpler Time” (featuring Mereba)T. ChandlerMarian MerebaAnthonyJacob RochesterMonte Booker3:33
9.“Soldier” (featuring Pivot Gang)T. ChandlerJ. ChandlerAnthonyJimmy HoodMartin Anderson3:05
10.“If I Had a Dollar” (featuring Benjamin Earl Turner)T. ChandlerBenjamin Earl TurnerJ. ChandlerAnthony3:13
11.“Stop That”T. ChandlerJ. ChandlerAnthony2:18
12.“Make Believe” (featuring Fousheé)T. ChandlerBritanny FousheéAnthonyJ. ChandlerLaRena Chandler3:41
13.“2012” (featuring Day Wave)T. Chandler4:20
14.“Few Good Things” (featuring Black Thought and Eryn Allen Kane)T. ChandlerTariq TrotterKaneMubarakJ. ChandlerAnthonyDeborah LewisC. Lewis7:08

Few Good Things is the highly anticipated third studio album by American rapper Saba. Released on February 4, 2022, through Saba Pivot, LLC, the album showcases Saba’s growth as an artist and features a diverse range of guest appearances from renowned artists such as Black Thought, G

Herbo, Krayzie Bone, 6lack, Smino, Mereba, Fousheé, Eryn Allen Kane, and Pivot Gang. With its blend of hip hop, neo soul, jazz rap, and trap influences, Few Good Things offers a unique and compelling listening experience. In this article, we will delve into the recording and production process, the release and promotion strategies, the themes and lyrics explored in the album, and its commercial performance.

Recording and Production:

The recording and production of Few Good Things involved a collaborative effort from a talented team of producers. The album features production credits from Sabadaedae, PIVOT, Daoud, Cheflee, Day Wave, Jacob Rochester, Monte Booker, Phoelix, and Nascent. Each producer brings their own unique style to the table, resulting in a diverse sonic landscape throughout the album. The blend of hip hop, neo soul, jazz rap, and trap elements creates a refreshing and dynamic sound that sets Few Good Things apart from other releases in the genre.

Release and Promotion:

The release and promotion of Few Good Things were carefully planned to generate anticipation and reach a wide audience. Saba and his team utilized various marketing strategies to build momentum leading up to the album’s release. This included releasing several singles prior to the album drop, accompanied by music videos that garnered attention and created buzz on social media platforms. The singles showcased different facets of Saba’s artistry and served as a preview of what listeners could expect from the full album.

In addition to the singles, Saba also embarked on a promotional tour, performing live shows and making appearances on popular television and radio programs. These promotional efforts helped to create awareness and generate excitement among fans and music enthusiasts.

Themes and Lyrics:

Few Good Things explores a range of themes and tackles personal and societal issues in a thoughtful and introspective manner. Saba’s lyrics delve into his own experiences, addressing topics such as love, loss, mental health, and self-discovery. The album’s introspective nature invites listeners to reflect on their own lives and emotions, creating a connection between the artist and the audience.

Furthermore, Saba incorporates socially conscious lyrics throughout the album, shedding light on systemic issues and expressing his perspectives on race, inequality, and the challenges faced by marginalized communities. By blending personal narratives with broader social commentary, Few Good Things offers a multi-dimensional listening experience that resonates with a diverse audience.

Commercial Performance:

Few Good Things received critical acclaim upon its release and achieved notable commercial success. The album debuted at a high position on various music charts, including the Billboard 200, further solidifying Saba’s position as a respected artist in the industry. The album’s success can be attributed to its strong musicality, powerful lyrics, and the anticipation built through effective promotion.

Moreover, the guest appearances on the album contributed to its appeal, as it showcased collaborations with established artists who brought their own fan bases to the project. This cross-pollination of audiences helped to expand Saba’s reach and introduced his music to new listeners.


Q: When was “Few Good Things” released?
A: “Few Good Things” was released on February 4, 2022.

Q: Who are the featured artists on the album?
A: The album features guest appearances from Black Thought, G Herbo, Krayzie Bone, 6lack, Smino, Mereba, Fousheé, Eryn Allen Kane, and Pivot Gang.

Q: What genres are represented in the album?
A: “Few Good Things” incorporates elements of hip hop, neo soul, jazz rap, and trap.

Q: Who produced the album?
A: The album was produced by Sabadaedae, PIVOT, Daoud, Cheflee, Day Wave, Jacob Rochester, Monte Booker, Phoelix, and Nascent.

Q: Did “Few Good Things” receive positive reviews?
A: Yes, the album received critical acclaim upon its release.


Few Good Things represents a significant milestone in Saba’s career as an artist. With its captivating blend of hip hop, neo soul, jazz rap, and trap influences, the album showcases Saba’s versatility and artistic growth. Through its thought-provoking lyrics and introspective themes, the album resonates with listeners on a personal and societal level.

The successful release and promotion of the album, coupled with its notable commercial performance, solidify Saba’s position as a respected and influential figure in the music industry. Few Good Things is a testament to Saba’s talent and creativity, and it will undoubtedly continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years to come.

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