Evermore Album – Production,tracklist and Commercial Success

Evermore is the ninth studio album by Taylor Swift, released on December 11, 2020. It was a surprise album that came shortly after her eighth studio album, Folklore. Produced in collaboration with Aaron Dessner, Evermore was mainly recorded at his Long Pond Studio in the Hudson Valley.

The album draws inspiration from the folkloric woods and follows a cottage-core-inspired direction. It combines alternative rock, indie folk, and chamber pop elements, featuring fingerpicked guitars, somber pianos, lavish strings, and sparse percussion. The lyrics are characterized by impressionist storytelling and mythopoeia, exploring themes of love, marriage, infidelity, and grief.

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  • Album: Evermore
  • Artist: Taylor Swift’s
  • Genre: rock folk, pop
  • Length: 60 minutes and 38 seconds
  • Label: Republic
  • Released: December 11, 2020

Evermore Album tracklist

No.Song TitleWriter’sProducer’sDuration
1.WillowTaylor Swift, Aaron DessnerA. Dessner3:34
2.Champagne ProblemsSwift William BowerySwiftA. Dessner4:04
3.Gold RushSwift Jack AntonoffSwiftAntonoff3:05
4.Tis the Damn SeasonSwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner3:49
5.“Tolerate It”SwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner4:05
6.No Body, No Crime (featuring Haim)SwiftSwiftA. Dessner3:35
7.HappinessSwift A. DessnerA. Dessner5:15
8.DorotheaSwift A. DessnerA. Dessner3:45
9.Coney Island (featuring the National)SwiftBoweryA. Dessner, Bryce DessnerA. DessnerB. Dessner4:35
10.IvySwiftA. Dessner AntonoffA. Dessner4:20
11.Cowboy like MeSwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner4:35
12.Long Story ShortSwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner3:35
13.MarjorieSwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner4:17
14.ClosureSwiftA. DessnerA. Dessner BJ, Burton James McAlister3:00
15.Evermore (featuring Bon Iver)SwiftBowery, Justin VernonSwiftA. Dessner5:04
Total Duration:60:38
Evermore Album banner photo
Evermore Album banner photo

Surprise Release and Collaboration with Aaron Dessner

Evermore was a surprise album released by Taylor Swift on December 11, 2020. It came as a spontaneous follow-up to her previous album, Folklore. The album was created in collaboration with musician and producer Aaron Dessner, known for his work with the band The National. Most of the recording for Evermore took place at Dessner’s Long Pond Studio in the Hudson Valley. This collaboration resulted in a seamless continuation of the musical direction Swift had embarked upon with Folklore.

Musical Style and Influences

Evermore blends various musical styles, including alternative rock, indie folk, and chamber pop. The album features fingerpicked guitars, somber pianos, lavish strings, and sparse percussion, creating a captivating and atmospheric sound. The musical style of Evermore was influenced by artists such as Bon Iver, who also contributed to the album, as well as Taylor Swift’s exploration of the folkloric woods, which inspired the album’s overall aesthetic.

Lyrical Themes and Emotional Exploration

The lyrical themes of Evermore revolve around love, marriage, infidelity, and grief. Taylor Swift’s lyrics delve into the complexities of human emotion, offering character studies and exploring personal experiences. The album showcases Swift’s ability to tell stories through her songs and her talent for creating vivid and relatable narratives. The lyrics of Evermore employ impressionist storytelling and mythopoeia, further enhancing the emotional depth and richness of the album.

Guest Performances and Collaborators

Evermore features guest performances from notable artists. Bon Iver, an American indie folk band led by Justin Vernon, appears on the album, contributing to the songwriting and vocals. The album also includes collaborations with other musicians, such as the band Haim and Aaron Dessner himself. These guest performers bring their unique musical talents and contribute to the distinct atmosphere and sound of Evermore.

Critical Reception and Awards

Evermore received widespread critical acclaim upon its release. Critics praised the album for its character studies, experimental production, and Taylor Swift’s nuanced vocals. The album was regarded as a sequel or counterpart to Folklore, with many reviewers considering it a worthy continuation of Swift’s exploration into the folkloric woods. Evermore earned several nominations and accolades, including a nomination for Album of the Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, further solidifying its critical success.

Commercial Success and Chart Performance

Evermore achieved significant commercial success worldwide. It reached number one on the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and more. In its first week of release, the album sold over a million copies globally, demonstrating its strong appeal to audiences. Evermore’s success continued on the charts, with its tracks making an impact on pop, country, and alternative radio stations. The album solidified Taylor Swift’s position as a chart-topping artist with its impressive sales and sustained popularity.

Production and Recording Details

Evermore was primarily recorded at Aaron Dessner’s Long Pond Studio in the Hudson Valley. The album’s production was a collaborative effort involving Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff, and Taylor Swift herself. They served as the producers, overseeing the musical arrangements and overall sound of the album.

The recording process of Evermore involved a combination of live instrumentation and digital production techniques. Instruments such as guitars, pianos, drums, bass, and various orchestral elements were recorded to create the album’s rich and textured sound. Aaron Dessner and his bandmates, along with session musicians, contributed to the instrumental performances.

The album’s production also featured the use of electronic elements, including synthesizers, drum machines, and programmed percussion. These elements added depth and texture to the songs, complementing the organic instrumentation.

The recording and engineering team, including Jonathan Low, Justin Vernon, Kyle Resnick, and others, played crucial roles in capturing the performances and ensuring the technical quality of the album. The mixing process was handled by renowned engineers such as Șerban Ghenea, Jonathan Low, and Laura Sisk, while mastering was done by Greg Calbi, Randy Merrill, and Steve Fallone.

Overall, the production and recording of Evermore aimed to create a cohesive and immersive sonic experience that showcased the album’s introspective lyrics and diverse musical influences.


When was Evermore released?
Evermore was released on December 11, 2020.

How does Evermore relate to Folklore?
Evermore is considered a sister album to Folklore, as it continues the exploration of the folkloric woods and shares similar musical and lyrical styles.

Which artists are featured on Evermore?
Bon Iver, Haim, and the National appear as guest performers on the album.

What were the critical reception and awards for Evermore?
Evermore received widespread acclaim from critics and was nominated for Album of the Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

How did Evermore perform commercially?
The album reached number one in various countries and sold over a million copies worldwide in its first week.


Evermore, Taylor Swift’s surprise follow-up to Folklore, showcases her continued exploration of the folkloric woods. With its alternative rock, indie folk, and chamber pop sound, the album received critical acclaim for its character studies, experimental production, and Swift’s nuanced vocals. Evermore achieved commercial success, reaching number one in multiple countries and selling over a million copies in its first week. The album’s themes of love, marriage, infidelity, and grief, along with its impressive guest performances, contributed to its accolades and chart success.

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