De Todas las Flores Album

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“De Todas las Flores” is a studio album by Natalia Lafourcade. It was released on October 28, 2022. The album encompasses various genres, including bolero, cumbia, bossa nova, samba, and son jarocho. It has a total of 12 tracks and runs for a length of 66 minutes and 36 seconds. The album is released under the label Sony Music Mexico.

De Todas las Flores, which translates to “Of All the Flowers,” is the tenth studio album by renowned Mexican singer-songwriter Natalia Lafourcade. De Todas las Flores has captivated audiences around the world. In this in-depth analysis, we will explore the recording and production process, the album’s themes and lyrics, its commercial performance, and the impact it has made on Lafourcade’s career.

Track listing

Serial No.Track TitleLength
1.“Vine solita”6:26
2.“De todas las flores”5:22
3.“Pasan los días”6:43
4.“Llévame viento”6:25
5.“El lugar correcto”3:51
6.“Pajarito colibrí”5:08
7.“María la Curandera”6:13
8.“Caminar bonito”3:57
9.“Mi manera de querer”3:53
11.“Canta la arena”6:02
12.“Que te vaya bonito Nicolás”6:47
Total length:66:36
De Todas las Flores Album cover photo
De Todas las Flores Album cover photo

Recording and Production:

De Todas las Flores was meticulously crafted through a collaborative effort between Natalia Lafourcade and producer Adán Jodorowsky. The recording process took place over several months, with Lafourcade and Jodorowsky working closely to create a sound that would seamlessly blend various musical styles. The album features an array of talented musicians, including renowned Latin jazz artists, who brought their unique flavors to each track.

Release and Promotion:

Upon its release, De Todas las Flores received widespread critical acclaim and was highly anticipated by fans and music enthusiasts. Sony Music Mexico implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the album, including singles releases, music videos, and performances on various television shows and live concerts. Lafourcade embarked on a tour across Latin America and other parts of the world to showcase the album’s enchanting compositions and share her musical journey with audiences.

Themes and Lyrics:

One of the defining aspects of De Todas las Flores is its deeply introspective and poetic lyrics. Natalia Lafourcade explores themes of love, self-discovery, nostalgia, and resilience, inviting listeners into her emotional world. Each song carries a distinct message and narrative, often drawing from personal experiences and universal human emotions. From the tender ballads to the energetic cumbias, Lafourcade’s lyrical prowess shines through, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Commercial Performance:

De Todas las Flores achieved remarkable success commercially, solidifying Natalia Lafourcade’s status as one of Mexico’s most influential contemporary musicians. The album reached the top of the charts in several countries and received numerous awards and accolades. Its singles garnered millions of streams and views on digital platforms, further expanding Lafourcade’s global fan base. The album’s commercial triumph not only showcases the public’s appreciation for Lafourcade’s talent but also demonstrates the growing popularity of Latin music worldwide.


What is the inspiration behind De Todas las Flores?

De Todas las Flores draws inspiration from various Latin jazz and folk genres, including bolero, cumbia, bossa nova, samba, and son jarocho. Natalia Lafourcade’s love for these genres and her desire to explore their richness influenced the creation of this album.

Who produced De Todas las Flores?

The album was produced by Adán Jodorowsky, a talented musician and producer known for his work in the Latin music industry.

How long is De Todas las Flores?

De Todas las Flores has a total runtime of 66 minutes and 36 seconds, offering listeners a substantial musical experience.

What is the significance of the album’s title, “De Todas las Flores”?

The title “De Todas las Flores” signifies the album’s thematic exploration of different emotions, experiences, and musical genres. It represents the diverse range of “flowers” that make up Natalia Lafourcade’s musical journey.


De Todas las Flores stands as a testament to Natalia Lafourcade’s musical artistry and her ability to weave together various genres into a cohesive and enchanting album. Its recording and production process, coupled with effective marketing and promotion, contributed to its commercial success. The album’s themes and lyrics resonate deeply with listeners, further establishing Lafourcade’s reputation as a remarkable songwriter. With its rich melodies and captivating storytelling, De Todas las Flores has left an indelible mark on the Latin music landscape and solidified Lafourcade’s position as one of the most influential contemporary musicians of our time.

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