Bell Bottom Country Album

“Bell Bottom Country” is a studio album by Lainey Wilson, released on October 28, 2022. The album was recorded at Neon Cross Studios and falls under the country genre. It has a total length of 56 minutes and 2 seconds. The album is released under the label BBR and consists of 16 tracks in total.

Bell Bottom Country Tracklist

1.“Smell Like Smoke”Trannie Anderson Dallas WilsonL. Wilson2:48
2.“Hillbilly Hippie”Terri Jo BoxJeremy BusseyL. Wilson3:31
3.“Road Runner”Trannie AndersonDallas WilsonL. Wilson3:46
4.“Watermelon Moonshine”Josh KearJordan SchmidtL. Wilson3:28
5.“Grease”Jessi AlexanderAndrew PetroffL. Wilson3:07
6.“Weak-End”Nicolette HayfordFaren RachelsL. Wilson3:28
7.“Me, You, and Jesus”Emily WeisbandD. WilsonL. Wilson3:41
8.“Hold My Halo”CriswellGeorgeHuttonL. Wilson3:26
9.“Heart Like a Truck”AndersonD. WilsonL. Wilson3:19
10.“Atta Girl”Brett TylerD. WilsonL. Wilson3:26
11.“This One’s Gonna Cost Me”HayfordRachelsL. Wilson3:13
12.“Those Boots (Deddy’s Song)”BoxTrent TomlinsonL. Wilson2:50
13.“Live Off”AndersonBoxAdam DoleacL. Wilson3:35
14.“Wildflowers and Wild Horses”AndersonPaul SikesL. Wilson4:10
15.“What’s Up (What’s Going On)”Linda Perry3:51
16.“New Friends”Park ChisholmMark IrwinL. Wilson4:15
Total length:56:02

Leading up to the album release, Lainey Wilson generated excitement among fans and industry insiders through various promotional activities. The album’s first single, “Heart Like a Truck,” was released prior to the album, garnering significant attention and paving the way for the album’s success. Wilson embarked on a promotional tour, performing at major music festivals, radio stations, and late-night talk shows. She engaged with her fan base through social media platforms, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes content, live performances, and interactive Q&A sessions. The strategic marketing campaign surrounding Bell Bottom Country played a crucial role in creating anticipation and generating buzz for the album.

Themes and Lyrics:

Bell Bottom Country delves into a range of themes that resonate with listeners on a personal and emotional level. Wilson’s songwriting prowess shines through as she explores topics such as love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and the complexities of modern relationships. The album’s lyrics reflect Wilson’s own experiences, often drawing from her upbringing in rural America. With her authentic storytelling and relatable narratives, she captures the essence of everyday life, offering a poignant and introspective journey for her audience.

Commercial Performance:

Since its release, Bell Bottom Country has achieved significant commercial success. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart and also made appearances on the Billboard 200, demonstrating its crossover appeal. The critical acclaim and positive word-of-mouth propelled the album’s sales and streaming numbers, solidifying Lainey Wilson’s position as a rising star in the country music genre. Moreover, Bell Bottom Country’s impact extended beyond charts and accolades, resonating deeply with fans who connected with its authentic and nostalgic sound.


Q: When was Lainey Wilson’s album “Bell Bottom Country” released?
A: Lainey Wilson’s album “Bell Bottom Country” was released on October 28, 2022.

Q: Who produced “Bell Bottom Country”?
A: The album “Bell Bottom Country” was produced by Jay Joyce.

Q: What genre is “Bell Bottom Country”?
A: “Bell Bottom Country” falls under the country music genre.

Q: What is the length of “Bell Bottom Country”?
A: The album “Bell Bottom Country” has a total length of 56 minutes and 2 seconds.

Q: Did “Bell Bottom Country” win any awards?
A: Yes, “Bell Bottom Country” won the Album of the Year award at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards.


Lainey Wilson’s Bell Bottom Country is a remarkable album that seamlessly blends country music with elements of ’70s rock, funk, and soul. Its recording and production process, led by producer Jay Joyce, resulted in a unique sonic experience that pays homage to the past while offering a fresh and modern perspective. Through strategic release and promotion, Wilson successfully captivated audiences and garnered significant commercial success. The album’s themes and heartfelt lyrics struck a chord with listeners, establishing Wilson as an authentic and relatable storyteller. Bell Bottom Country’s impact extends beyond its commercial performance, leaving a lasting impression on the country music landscape and solidifying Lainey Wilson’s place as a rising star in the industry.

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