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“Asha’s Awakening” is the title of a studio album released by Raveena on February 11, 2022. The album falls under the genres of R&B, pop, soul, and jazz. It has a total of 15 tracks and has a runtime of 61 minutes and 42 seconds. “Asha’s Awakening” is released under the Warner Records label.

The album follows the narrative of a Punjabi space princess named Asha and explores themes of personal growth, cultural identity, and relationships. Drawing inspiration from the history of South Asian music and incorporating elements of experimental pop, R&B, soul, and jazz, Asha’s Awakening showcases Raveena’s artistic versatility and her ability to create a unique sonic landscape. This in-depth analysis will delve into the recording and production process, the album’s release and promotion, its themes and lyrics, as well as its commercial performance.

Asha’s Awakening Album Tracklist

Serial No.Track TitleWritersLength
1.RushRaveena AuroraAaron LiaoCale HawkinsEverett OrrLeo Kalyan3:05
2.SecretAuroraVince StaplesOrr3:22
3.MagicAuroraLiaoChris CharlesSimmi AhujaYeek2:47
4.KismetAuroraLiaoJeff Kleinman3:20
5.Kathy Left 4 KathmanduAuroraLiaoOrr2:27
7.Circuit BoardAuroraLiaoOrr3:47
8.The Internet Is Like Eating PlasticAuroraLiao2:22
9.Arrival to the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Intermission)AuroraLiao2:22
10.Asha’s KissAuroraLiaoAsha PuthliOrr6:18
11.Time FliesAuroraLiaoRostam Batmanglij4:20
12.Love OvergrownAuroraLiaoKleinman3:20
13.Endless SummerAuroraLiaoAndrew Sarlo3:52
14.New rugsAuroraLiaoKleinmanTWEAKS4:44
15.Let Your Breath Become a Flower (Guided Meditation)AuroraLiao13:31
Total length: 61:42
Asha's Awakening Album Banner photo
Asha’s Awakening Album Banner photo

Recording and Production

Asha’s Awakening was recorded in 2021 and involved a collaborative effort between Raveena and several producers, including Aaron Liao, Andrew Sarlo, Everett Orr, Jeff Kleinman, Rostam Batmanglij, and Yeek.

The album’s recording process aimed to capture the essence of the concept and narrative that revolves around Asha, the Punjabi space princess. Raveena’s vision was to blend elements of Western and South Asian musical styles to create a unique sonic experience.

Release and Promotion

Asha’s Awakening was preceded by two singles, “Rush” and “Secret,” which generated anticipation and excitement among Raveena’s fanbase. The album’s release was accompanied by an extensive promotional campaign that included interviews, performances, and social media engagement. Raveena’s team strategically utilized various platforms to reach a wide audience and generate buzz around the album. The promotion also highlighted the album’s conceptual nature and the character of Asha, which added to the intrigue and curiosity surrounding the project.

Themes and Lyrics

Asha’s Awakening explores a range of themes, primarily focusing on personal growth, cultural identity, and relationships. The narrative follows Asha, the Punjabi space princess, as she learns about the chaotic nature of life and discovers the importance of finding peace within oneself.

The album also touches upon Raveena’s own experiences as a South Asian woman navigating modern culture and reflects on past relationships. Through introspective and poetic lyrics, Raveena conveys a sense of vulnerability, empowerment, and resilience, inviting listeners to connect with her journey and find solace in their own experiences.

Commercial Performance

The commercial success of Asha’s Awakening reflects its critical acclaim and the growing popularity of Raveena as an artist. The album received positive reviews from music critics, praising its innovative sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and Raveena’s captivating vocal performances.

It debuted on various music charts, including the Billboard 200, and gained a dedicated fanbase that resonated with its themes and artistic vision. The album’s success also led to increased opportunities for Raveena, such as live performances, collaborations, and further recognition within the music industry.


Q1: Who is Raveena?

A1: Raveena is an American singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics. She gained recognition with her debut album “Lucid” and has continued to evolve her sound with the release of “Asha’s Awakening.”

Q2: What is the concept of Asha’s Awakening?

A2: Asha’s Awakening is a concept album that follows the narrative of a Punjabi space princess named Asha. It explores themes of personal growth, cultural identity, and relationships, combining elements of Western and South Asian musical styles.

Q3: What are the standout tracks from Asha’s Awakening?

A3: While the entire album offers a cohesive and immersive experience, standout tracks from Asha’s Awakening include “Rush,” “Secret,” “Space Princess,” and “Awakening.” These songs showcase Raveena’s unique blend of R&B, pop, soul, and jazz influences.

Q4: How was Asha’s Awakening received by critics?

A4: Asha’s Awakening received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its innovative sound, introspective lyrics, and Raveena’s captivating vocal performances. The album was lauded for its ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical styles and deliver a thought-provoking narrative.


Asha’s Awakening represents Raveena’s artistic growth and exploration of her South Asian identity. The album’s narrative centered around the character of Asha, a Punjabi space princess, allowed Raveena to delve into themes of personal growth, cultural identity, and relationships. By fusing Western and South Asian musical influences, Raveena created a unique sonic landscape that captivated listeners and garnered critical acclaim.

The album’s success showcased Raveena’s ability to create thought-provoking and innovative music, solidifying her position as a rising star in the music industry. Asha’s Awakening serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact of music in exploring and expressing one’s personal journey.

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